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Mom Sitting in Rochester NY

This summer I went to Rochester, NY to take care of my mom who lives with my brother Fred and his wife Lynn while they took a trip to China for 3 weeks.  Lynn got a teaching gig there in the town of Jinan.   My mom is 91 years old and doing fairly well.  She uses a cane or walker most of the time but can walk on her own although it looks a little scary.   She has difficulty hearing but if you look at her when you talk she is fine.   Since I mostly talk with her on the phone seeing her I felt like she was doing better than I had thought.  Here are a few photos from my time there.


This is mom in front of Lake Ontario.


For Memorial Day we went to honor my dad at the Penfield Township memorial service. The speaker had lived on Iwo Jima where my dad was wounded during World War II.


One morning I drove down to Letchworth State Park which is called the Grand Canyon of the East. The Genesee River flows north to Lake Ontario from the park.


This is a view of the Lower Falls just past the CCC constructed footbridge.  Both are beautiful!


The Lower Falls from up close.


Views of the Middle Falls and Upper Falls.


One day we drove to Buffalo to go to the Burchfield Penny Art Center.  I have always appreciated Charles Burchfield’s work and felt a kindred spirit with his style.  Here is my mom with a Burchfield esque painted buffalo.


I think this is called Spring Rain.  Look how the rain and sunlight come down from the sky and the dandelions are in full glory.


On my drive back from Letchworth State Park I stopped by Conesus Lake one of the finger lakes in New York.  It is 8 miles long and not quite a mile wide. 


When Fred and Lynn got back from China I stayed an extra day and we went for a walk with mom on the Erie Canal close to their home. 


Walking on the Erie Canal. One thing in the local news was some businesses are starting to use the canal again when they have large items to transport. 


This is a view of Lake Erie.  On my way back to Bluefield I stopped by Irving, New York to visit with one of my ceramic professors and his wife from Athens, Georgia who still spends their summers there.


Ron Meyers on the beach at Lake Erie.  Ron had already started making pots when I got there.  He had only been there about a week.  I believe he is 81. 

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