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World War II

Recently I read the book and saw the movie Unbroken. It has made me think more about my father who passed away about 10 years ago. I dug out some old files he had on World War II. Here is a photo taken of him on July 4th 1945. It says it was taken by Warren Smith on the Island of Maui in the Photo Bldg. I also found a letter he wrote to his parents and I have included it here. He never really talked about the war. I think it was just too hard. This letter was written after he was wounded on Iwo Jima.

April 1, 1945

Dear Folks,

Here it is Easter Sunday and April fools day. I heard church services on the radio all day so I could tell its’ Easter but I didn’t hear any April fools jokes – so let’s just say its’ Easter. I went to Sunrise services this morning out here at the rest camp. We went to a Navy camp across the road from our camp. There were civilians at the service, soldiers, sailors and we Marines. A chaplain from each group participated in the service too. The civilians had a nice choir and took charge of the service.

I didn’t do much today but just fool around the beach and getting quite a bit of swimming in. There is a wonderful beach here with guards looking out for us. We are supposed to get some fishing tackle in so maybe I’ll do some serf fishing before leaving here.

The chow out here is really tops and ever bit as good as it was in the hospital. Today at noon we had roast beef, string beans, corn, mashed potatoes, and ice cream and sliced peaches, as well as ice tea to drink. For breakfast we had hot cakes. Everything is cooked so good too, since there are only a couple hundred of us to feed.

I seen Forthous out here today and we discussed St. Louis. He didn’t get wounded as you probably know but had trouble with his feet. We were wondering if Smith came through Iwo alright.

Say Mom, I too am surprised that the call didn’t cost more than $12. I don’t think I’ll be able to call again for awhile either. I shouldn’t be over here much longer and one more operation at the most so I think its’ best to let things work out. The old Fourth – that is what is left – have a chance for some surprise which maybe furloughs. Sounds good anyways. I was thinking that if I get home now I’ll be right back over so it would be best to spend my time out. Although I surely wouldn’t refuse a mainland ticket.

Well, hoping you had a nice Easter and are all well with God’s blessings.

Your loving Son,


Dad World War II 002

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