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Cynthia Bringle Workshop 2017

Yesterday Linda and I drove up to Ripley, West Virginia to attend the 37th West Virginia Potter’s Gathering where the iconic Cynthia Bringle from Penland, North Carolina was the guest artist.  Cynthia attended Memphis Academy of Art and Alfred University where she engrossed herself in pottery making.  In 1970 she moved to Penland where she built a home and art studio and where she still teaches at the Penland School of Crafts.  She says she makes pottery that is functional.  She wants people to use her work and appreciate the workmanship and utilitarian nature of the piece.  On the potter’s wheel she threw coffee cups, a variety of wine goblets, vases, and a many other creations.  She seemed to be one with the clay. That shouldn’t surprise me as she has had her hand in mud for over 60 years.  She seemed to a perform magic with each piece with the participants often wondering what she was going to make next. She shared many stories about her life and freely gave advice on the best methods of making pots.  Here are some photos of the event.
















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