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Cincinnati For Spring Break

Linda and I went to Cincinnati for a couple of days for spring break.  We were impressed with the arts that were in the town and enjoyed the Cincinnati Art Museum that had a very wide range of art from ancient art to contemporary art.  Here is a photo of Linda taken in front of the murals in Covington, KY below the levee.  The murals show a pictorial history of the area and this one represents the year 8000 BCE. What you can’t see behind me is the Ohio River is very high a few feet above flood stage. 


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Still Forest Close-up

This is a close-up shot of a ceramic piece I did at the University of Georgia.  I was completing my undergraduate degree in Art.  This photo shows the shadows cast by the ceramic trees on the textured clay slab surface.  This photo was taken right after I glazed it and put it in the kiln for its final firing.

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This is another ceramic sculpture I completed in graduate school at Penn State in 1982.  It is a set of three tall totem like structures made from red clay and constructed using coils of clay.  They stand about 10 feet tall.  For me they represented some form of memories from the past brought together in a communal setting.

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Ceramic Sculpture

It has been a long time since I posted so I thought I would post a picture of a ceramic sculpture I did in graduate school in 1982 at Penn State.  This piece is 29 feet long and the tallest center piece is 11 feet high.  It took me 3 months to make the work, all in a studio space about 10 feet by 10 feet.  The piece is titled “Crucifixion” and was based on some studies that 4 were crucified with Jesus Christ instead of 2.  There is a lot symbolism in the work and if you would like for me to share it feel free to ask.  I entered the piece in the Pittsburgh Arts Festival and I won a Juror’s Discretionary Award and the Most Popular Outdoor Sculpture Award.  To top it off I sold the work to a doctor who lived nearby and installed the piece at his home.

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