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Mt. Rogers Hike

Mount Rogers Recreation Area

Mount Rogers Recreation Area

This past weekend I went on a hike with my Online Appalachian Trail class to Grayson Highlands State Park in the Mount Rogers recreation area in Southwest Virginia.  We had about 15 students come and we hiked 2 miles on Saturday and 5 miles on Sunday.  Saturday some of the students did some tree climbing with ropes with a guest tree climber named Joe.  They seemed to have fun doing that.  It got cold Saturday night and we had a nice campfire.  We stayed at the group campground in the park.  The temperature got down to 24 degrees and we woke to 2-3 inches of snow on the ground.

The park is at an elevation of 4800 feet so we were in the clouds.  Sunday’s hike started off in the fog and was a winter wonderland as seen by the photo.  A couple of times the fog lifted and we had some wondereful scenic views.  We hiked to Rhododendron Gap and when we got there it was foggy but soon it lifted for us and we could see for at least 30 miles.  The hike back was clear and sunny.

The wild ponies even came out to great us as we made it back down the Appalachian Trail.  We had a wonderful time!

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