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This summer has been an exciting one so far as Linda and I started building a studio on our property. This has been a dream of mine for over 25 years. It is two stories tall and 30 feet by 24 feet. Downstairs will be a ceramic studio and upstairs will be a drawing/painting studio. The first floor has a ceiling height of 9 ½ feet and the second floor has scissor trusses with a center ceiling height of 12 feet. Downstairs will have five single windows, one double window, and glass French doors. The second floor will have two double windows, three single windows, and three skylight windows. Although we have gotten a lot done we still need to finish the roof, get the skylights finished, put on siding, put in all the lights and electrical, sheetrock and paint, and put a floor down on the second floor. I wish it was done, ha! Here is photo of the most recent progress. If you want to see the complete progress go to our Facebook page called Twin Creek Studio.

Latest Progress

Getting the Roof Dried In

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